Scientific support

We rely on expertise

The Flachshof is embedded in a research network that helps us to meet the highest standards in modern equine care and ecological farm management.

The Sandgrueb Foundation in Egg near Zurich is one of our most important partners. According to its Articles of Association, the Foundation's purpose is animal welfare with special regard to domestic and farm animals.

In particular, the Sandgrueb Foundation aims to provide species-appropriate boarding and care for old and/or ill equidae.

It supports research activities in the field of species-appropriate husbandry of animals, especially horses and other equidae.

Specifically, the Foundation pursues the following objectives.

  1. Running a rehabilitation clinic for equidae and a modern laboratory for parasitology as well as hay and compost analyses.

  2. Coordinating with renowned universities and other scientific institutes in the research network.

  3. Offering consultations in the field of horse husbandry.