Horse pension at Flachshof

Quality first

The quality care we aim to provide entails above-average operating costs that cannot realistically be passed on to every horse owner. Our offering targets horse owners who are willing to find – and finance – an excellent solution for their horses that are put out to pasture. Our clients include both private individuals and foundations. The location of the Flachshof near the border is also convenient for Swiss clients. In our German location, we can meet the high requirements for available fields; in Switzerland, there are usually fewer year-round grass areas available to horses for legal reasons.

How our horses live

Group stable

Horses that have formed a small group live together in our group stable, benefitting from being close to each other.

Double boxes

Horses often form friendships of two. Maintaining or even promoting these is an often underestimated contribution to the horses' well-being.

Horses that do better on their own due to factors specific to them – for example age, illness or simply long-standing habits – live in single-horse stalls

Individual box

Stallions too are also allowed to have fun with us....

... and are a variety of "exotics".

We donkeys also belong to the Flachshof equids.

Care and support


Thanks to its size, the Flachshof can provide its horses with a generous run and thus a natural environment. Our horses usually decide for themselves when to use the pastures.

Our land is also used for our own hay production, whereby our researchers help us to optimise the hay quality.

All our boarding places are currently full. Please let us know if you would like us to contact you when places become available.

Currently available boxes