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Flachshof in Jestetten

Horses have specific needs

At the Flachshof we believe that today's horse as a leisure partner has different needs than its ancestors that were used in agriculture, the military and transport. Unlike the highly specialised elite sport horses, for whose elaborate care there is a special motivation, so-called leisure horses are often not kept in a species-appropriate manner.

We are fully committed to the welfare of the animals living with us and offer them an environment that is as natural and species appropriate as possible.

  • Our horses needs

Horses need space

Our farm provides ample pastures which the horses can access at any time. Many years of experience have enabled us to adapt our stables optimally to the needs of our horses. The increasing life expectancy of the animals is a major challenge: Traditional old-age pastures are often not an animal-friendly solution. Just as people don't want to trade their flats for a room to share with several other people, horses don't like to move from a single-horse box to a group stable. We strive to find the right solution for each horse.

... and challenges

Equidae – much like us humans – seek meaning and purpose. They enjoy playful work, walking in hand as well as social functions.

At the same time, medical care tends to become more demanding with increasing age. We are well prepared for this at the Flachshof. We have both the staff and the technical resources to optimally care for the horses living with us in all phases of their lives.

Our offer

We offer our horses

  • large pastures of high quality. About 1 ha (2.47 acres) per animal is appropriate.

  • individualised care based on know-how that takes into account the latest scientific findings in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and social behaviour

  • .... all of which we embed in further ecological aspects.

Our aspiration

Committed to the well-being of our equidae, we operate a project and model farm of sorts for a deliberately limited number of animals. The Flachshof is integrated into an international research network, which ensures that the services we offer are always in line with the latest scientific findings. We thereby accept operational disadvantages and additional costs – for example for botanical monitoring, modern medical applications, or for the renunciation of artificial fertilizers.


We are usually well booked. Nevertheless, we invite you to enquire about available offers..